Breast cancer survivor Kimberly Jewett outilnes the key components to incorporate in order to take care of one's mind, body and spirit during cancer treatment.

Reducing Cancer Risk

For most people who don't smoke, the most important modifiable risk factors for cancer are weight, diet and physical activity levels. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthily and staying active can reduce the risk of developing cancer.
Simple everyday lifestyle choices such as these are good strategy for a better cancer prevention.

Advice to reduce the risk of developing cancer

With Cancer

Living with cancer is not easy; however, there are some simple and beneficial steps that can help to improve your quality of life as you undergo treatment.
Living healthily is an important component of your recovery and can equip you with the extra strength you might need to face the challenges that cancer and treatment bring with them.

Advice to improve quality of life with cancer treatment

After Cancer

Life after cancer might present new challenges to face which can influence your physical and psychological status. Some simple, positive steps can guide you to a healthy living.
Being mindful that diet maintenance, weight control, physical activity and emotional support can help you to recover better and faster after cancer.

Positive steps to improve quality of life as a cancer survivor