Who we are

We draw on a wealth of over 40 years of experience in cancer drug development and apply the same rigorous scientific, evidence-based methods to develop tools and advice that people can utilize in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle before, during cancer treatment and recovery.

Group Vice Chairman & CEO, Riccardo Braglia, describes Helsinn Integrative Care's mission.

Helsinn Healthcare

Helsinn Healthcare SA is a Swiss-based world leader in cancer care that focuses on building quality cancer care together with partners who share its values.
Helsinn is a family-run pharmaceutical company that delivers leading cancer supportive care, and is built on strong values of respect, integrity and quality. We develop, manufacture and supply a range of innovative solutions in cancer supportive care that impact everyday patients' quality of life.
After 40 successful years of providing cancer supportive care, Helsinn recognized a new unmet need in the cancer care field - the need for scientific evidence to endorse the integration of non-pharmaceutical supportive care products.

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Our Integrative Care team was created to focus fully on the development and delivery of high-quality, high-purity, evidence-based products for people with cancer and survivors of the disease.
Through the highest standards of quality assurance, we are committed to improving quality of life for people before, during and after cancer.

Our products can also be used by people who are undergoing cancer treatment.
They have been proved to be safe and have no interactions with radio and chemo therapy. These products can be categorized as complementary food supplements and medical devices.


Our mission

Address the quest for a better quality of life by meeting patients' and their caregivers' needs in their fight against cancer and endurance to cancer treatments' side-effects, with high standard, evidence based, safe and reliable non–pharmaceutical-qualified products endorsed by their healthcare providers.


Our vision

Helsinn Integrative Care is set to become the company of reference for healthcare providers in the cancer supportive care area, for value added solutions addressing cancer patients' needs with evidence based non pharmaceutical products, for High Corporate Values, High Operating Standards and High Product Quality.
Helsinn Integrative Care delivers to the market products that differ from similar products because of the clinical data that supports their use specifically in the cancer setting.

Helsinn commitment to quality

Commitment to Quality

Rigorous clinical testing is critical to the development of healthcare products. That thoroughness and precision manifests itself in everything we do.

What's behind our products

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To ensure the highest product quality through development to delivery, Helsinn Integrative Care only partners with certified manufacturers and distributors, who share our values.

Who we work with