An introduction to

Helsinn Integrative Care

Group Vice Chairman & CEO, Riccardo Braglia

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​A Definition of

​Integrative Cancer Care

From medical oncologist, Prof. John Smyth

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Professor John Smyth definition of integrated cancer care
Our Commitment to

Manufacturing Standards

By valuing Quality in every step of development

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Helsinn manufacturing standards and quality control

Who we are

We draw on a wealth of over 40 years of experience in cancer drug development and apply the same rigorous scientific, evidence-based methods to develop tools and advice that people can utilize in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle before, during cancer treatment and recovery.

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Healthy Living

Through a mixture of manageable exercise and balanced nutrition, you can lead a healthy lifestyle that can reduce your risk and help you to live well both during and after cancer.
To improve your quality of life, learn more about symptoms, effects of treatment and techniques to help manage them.

Fill The Gap Approach

It is important to fill the gap in scientific evidence by providing robust safety and efficacy data, through well-designed human studies, in order to ensure confidence in the use of healthcare products during daily life, treatment and recovery.

Why do we run human studies?

Clinical trials of healthcare products to improve quality of life

Helsinn food supplement with polyphenols for a healthy diet

Integrative healthcare products

Our qualified products are created using only the purest ingredients and the highest quality manufacturing standards. Learn more about our full range of products here.

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